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Fuse is a brand strategy, experiential, creative, social and digital communications agency that specializes in marketing to Gen Z and Millennials – teens and young adults. For more than twenty years, we’ve worked with some of the most admired consumer, sports and lifestyle brands in the world. Fuse has offices in Burlington, VT and Portland, OR.


Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning
Market Plan Development
Grassroots Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Partnership Marketing

Consumer Insights

Fuse Source
Focus Groups
Custom Digital Surveys
Youth Culture Seminars

Social Media

Community Management
Content Creation
Social Promotion
Social Ads

Experiential Marketing

College Marketing
Sponsorship Activation
Event Experience Design
Mobile Marketing Tours
Promotional Products
Guerilla Marketing

Digital Communications

Paid Digital Media
Earned Media


Campaign Development
Art Direction
Visual Identity

Awards & Distinctions

Sports Emmy Nomination
Content Seeding / Earned Media
Grand EX Award and Top 100 Agency
Promo Award and Promo 100 List
Top 100 Agency
5,000 Fastest Growing Private Companies
Top 20 Agency
Best Place to Work


Bill Carter

Issa Sawabini

Brett Smith

Julie Jatlow

Mark Heitzinger

Marissa McDonald

Clarke Colon

Ara Finlayson

Jake Mayers

Maura Hemingway

Hailey Ronconi

Jeremy Oclatis

Josh Carey

Justin Wydra

Sera Vautier

Matthew Hay

Brendan Foster

Heather Hennessy

Tim Bentley

Doug Clark

Gregg Schmidt

Aaron Simmers

Scott Rivers

Laurie Francis

Lauren Machen

Katie Beers

FaRied Ibrahim

Sara McDonald

Amy Ingram

Alex Gruber

Erin Blaisdell

Jeremy Smith

Hayley Cimler

Tim Maher

Allison O’Brien

Paxton Hall

Joe Gaynor

Rachael Dahler

Ashley Fay

Jen Tierney

Taylor Morgana

Andrew Johnson

Amanda Burnham

Community Engagement:

We believe that we have a responsibility to be active in our community.

Fuse’s community engagement program – led by our Community Engagement Committee – fosters charitable giving, advocacy, volunteerism and leadership. Our commitment to social responsibility is a reflection of our employees’ values, which makes working at Fuse a more rewarding and fulfilling experience. Fuse is also a member of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.

Services For & Contributions To Non-Profits:

Since its launch in 1995, Fuse has provided discounted or pro bono services to non-profit organizations.

In addition, Fuse organizes an annual Holiday Artist Collaboration with artists that have included Bigfoot, Mikey Welsh, Kenzo Minami and Suiko. The program results in a donation to a non-profit and commemorates the gift by commissioning an artist to make a limited edition print that is given to clients and colleagues during the holiday season.

Non-profits Fuse has partnered with for these efforts have included:

  • Boarding for Breast Cancer
  • Athlete Recovery Fund
  • Do Something
  • Burton Snowboard’s Chill Foundation
  • Drums and Disabilities
  • The Make-a-Wish Foundation
  • Stoked Mentoring
  • Reverb

To encourage community service, Fuse offers paid time-off for employees to volunteer with any charitable organization of their choice.

Fuse coordinates monthly group volunteer opportunities, and supports individuals’ choices for community work, whether it’s on-the-ground tasks helping others in need or serving on non-profit boards and committees.