Amazon Teen

Matt Hay
Desk image showcasing a range of Amazon Teen products including a panda shaped planter, coffee mug, notebook and pen.

Leveraging social media and creative strategies to increase awareness of Amazon Teen

Amazon Teen is new service that allows teens to shop and purchase parent-approved orders. Amazon sought to raise awareness of the program while also highlighting the benefits of teens getting their own login, the process in which parents approve via text message and how this can help teens have some independence with minimal parental oversight. Fuse worked to improve the brand’s messaging, social strategy and creative approach so that it would convey the program’s benefits in easy-to-digest snapshots that targeted both teens and gatekeeper parents.


Examples of this strategy included: 

  • Creating a social media strategy that combined both paid and organic content that aligned with key milestones in a teen’s life

  • Designing a range of ad types for Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram and incorporating relevant messaging and creative that explained how the program works

  • Developing an organic content strategy that included focusing on key teen-specific items that were inexpensive and fit within relevant teen milestone moments

  • Targeting both teens and gatekeeper parents by utilizing strategic social media ad targeting tools  


Throughout this process, Fuse continues to develop creative ideas and content to raise awareness of Amazon Teen and drive sign-ups. 

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