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Blueprint for Athletes / Website

Digital Communications

Fuse blended sports performance and scientific insight to design Quest Diagnostics’ first consumer website.

Quest Diagnostics is the largest clinical testing company in the United States with 2,200 labs servicing hospitals, doctors’ offices, and health clinics. The company’s first consumer brand, Blueprint for Athletes, provides recreational and professional athletes with diagnostic testing to improve their performance. Fuse designed the brand’s website to communicate this complex healthcare product via a simplified user experience.

Fuse brought the brand to life by blending sports performance metrics with scientific insight. The site content features athletes and performance experts explaining the product functions and benefits in clear and powerful terms. Consumers learn how to customize training blueprints for endurance, recovery, performance, and more. The intuitive and easily navigated site design simplifies the consumer’s journey from discovery to purchase.

Since its launch in early 2016, the Blueprint for Athletes site continues to gain momentum. Daily page views have climbed 70%, and average time on the site has increased to almost three and a half minutes.