Dick’s Sporting Goods


Fitness influencers provided credibility and visibility for Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Second Skin

Dick’s Sporting Goods is the market leader in sports retail with over 600 stores in 47 states. Fuse collaborated with Dick’s to launch a new private-label brand called Second Skin.

Second Skin targeted serious athletes in spin, CrossFit, HIIT, obstacle course racing, and triathlon. To help launch and establish the brand, Fuse developed a micro-influencer strategy focused on fitness professionals. The agency identified, recruited, and onboarded 190 influencers in 13 markets who embodied the “unfinished athlete”. The influencers were respected and admired athletes within their communities and had a loyal following on social media. Each of the Second Skin influencers was inspirational and encouraging to the fitness tribe around them. The influencers were present at races and events, featured the brand on their social channels, and wore Second Skin while they worked out and coached others.

The Second Skin team averaged 150,000 impressions per month, 25,000 direct one-on-one consumer interactions per month, and helped the brand achieve 98% positive social media sentiment.

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