Cultivating Community & Inclusion

Building a Culture of Inclusion at Fuse

Fuse strives to create a culture where every individual, regardless of background, feels seen, heard, and celebrated. We are dedicated to continually assessing and strengthening our inclusive and equitable business practices. ​

Through client strategy and activations, Fuse incorporates our core values of diversity, equity and inclusion into the events and creative assets we bring to life, the brand stories we tell, and the diverse voices we amplify. ​

Fuse provides regular educational opportunities for our staff and supports organizations working on DEI-related initiatives through financial support and staff volunteer hours.

Community Engagement

We believe that we have a responsibility to be active in our community. The community engagement program at Fuse fosters charitable giving, advocacy, volunteerism, and leadership. Fuse is a member of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility. Our commitment to social and environmental responsibility is a reflection of our employees’ values, which makes working at Fuse a more rewarding and fulfilling experience.

We are committed to creating a more sustainable environment, impacting our surrounding communities and client activations in a meaningful way. Our pledge to the planet includes supporting environmental organizations and sustainable practices with resources, funding, and exposure. Fuse is a proud member of the Green Mountain Club, and additionally supports Vermont Parks Forever and Local Motion annually. We also provide opportunities for employee involvement in helping to create a more sustainable environment through a community garden, CSA program, volunteerism, and group activities.

Fuse has also organized annual Holiday Artist Collaborations with artists that have included Bigfoot, Mikey Welsh, Kenzo Minami and Suiko. The program included donations to non-profits and commemorates the gift by commissioning an artist to make a limited-edition print given to clients and colleagues during the holiday season. Non-profits Fuse has partnered with for these efforts include:

Hands On
Athlete Recovery Fund
The Make-a-Wish Foundation
Habitat for Humanity
Burton's Chill Foundation
Love Your Brain
Do Something
Stoked Mentoring
Green Up Day
Boarding for Breast Cancer
Drums and Disabilities
Strike 3