Fuse Partner Issa Sawabini Shares Expert Advice with Ad Age on How to Build Customer Trust through Marketing

Sera Vautier
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Ad Age recently posted an article titled “10 Effective Ways to Build Trust with Consumers Through Your Marketing” and enlisted members of Ad Age Collective to share their strategies. These recommendations included:

  1. Provide social proof.
  2. Have clear actions.
  3. Deliver relevance.
  4. Ensure consistent messaging.
  5. Exceed expectations.
  6. Use personal, timely outreach.
  7. Offer relevant expertise.
  8. Show your face.
  9. Focus on consent, care and fulfillment.
  10. Be human.

Issa Sawabini, Fuse Partner and member of Ad Age Collective, commented that “it’s important for a brand’s personality to come across in a consistent way across all touchpoints. This consistency allows consumers to understand the brand, which leads to acceptance, adoption and even advocacy. Brands that deliver inconsistent messaging and appear to have multiple personalities risk confusing consumers.”

For the full article on AdAge.com, click here.