No audio.
Fade from black to dog and employee entering main door.
Cut to Bronze statue of monkey wearing winter apparel and holding snowboard.
Orbiting shot of meeting in bright room between three employees.
Shot of employees with skateboards climbing steps to skateboard ramp with boards in hand.
Shot of skater tail sliding in mini half pipe.
Shot of desk with mountain dew specialty promotional cans with hat.
View of employees conversing.
Orbiting shot of employee editing video of skateboarder with special effects.
Multiple shots of company‚Äôs wall murals in Fuse’s Winooski office.
Focused shot on hands of employee typing.
Shot of a skateboarder on mini pipe while camera pulls up and focuses on Fuse sign.
Panning shot of employee in office working on laptop.
Employee working through a stack of colorful posters.
Shot moving along wall showing used and new skateboard decks.
Shot panning upwards in a meeting, focusing on the foreground and moving to the whiteboard in the back of the room.
Quick successive shots of artwork in one room the following an employee into the Fuse lounge space followed by a focused shot of a stationary vintage bike with employees meeting together.
Employee getting a cold brew coffee from the tap and then walking to couches with coworkers relaxing.
Shot of employee cutting a poster followed quickly by a walking shot through the main office space.
Three employees standing around artboards and concept designs, talking and pointing.
Panning view of artwork.