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Yeah, I mean, you know, I don’t think it matters where you come from, I don’t think it matters what your background is, ethnicity or anything like that. Once you get hooked on skateboarding it’s hard to not become passionate about it.

I spent hours and hours and hours trying to figure out how to flip this board, how do I land that, and it’s just like you don’t want to move on with your life until you finally land that trick. Eventually your body will be like I’m done for today but your mind never stops.

Skateboarding is everywhere, you know, you can’t really avoid it nowadays. Certain people don’t understand the art, what we are really doing at these places, and they want to stop us.

I think that skateboarding brings people together and overcomes boundaries, you can feel skateboarding is an art. It is contagious, we have an epidemic on our hands.

I’m very grateful for the career I’ve had and position i’m in within skateboarding. I just at the point I want to do something meaningful. This is a one of a kind film, and you get to grow with all these different, creative characters. All these guys represent the full dedication it takes to make whatever your dream is come true. These guys live that.

They want freedom, they want to feel like they are living their lives to the best of their ability and they can move forward and exhibit happiness.

That determination and stubbornness to try a trick you’ve seen in your mind at a certain spot, and try it over and over and over and get beaten up and you throw your board, you’re frustrated, screaming and yelling, and each time you go home with your tail between your legs, But then you just know… when you meet any skateboarder no matter who they are across the world, you have that relationship, because oh you skate, it’s like an unsaid thing.

We don’t really *____* language, we have skateboarding.
This wooden plank man, it’s helped me meet people all over the world.
Skateboarding is that blood, you know, that bond.
Regardless of what you do, if you skate contests, if you skate street, you skate vert ramps, you used to skate but now you work, we are all brothers we are family. That’s it, that’s the story.