Clip of a snow plow plays.
The words “20,000 TONS OF SNOW” flash on screen.
The words “1,000 FEET OF SKATELITE” flash on screen.
The words “THE COMBINATION OF TWO SPORTS” flash on the screen.
Snowboarder [offscreen]: “Super snake is sort of a crossover that never really gets to happen.”
Snowboarder [offscreen]: “Bringing together snowboarders and skateboarders to do something that’s never been done before.”
Scenes of workers building a long ramp on a snowy mountain.
Rock and roll music plays in backround.
The words “MTN DEW PRESENTS SUPER SNAKE” flash on screen.
Snowboarder [offscreen]: “We have 15 guys from [Park building crew] another 10 from [building crew] everyone is doing 12, 14, 15 hour days, we are racking in some time for sure.”
Snowboarder [offscreen]: “I’m stoked just to be able to do this, to be able to do something different on a mountain, I mean we’ve never done anything like this.”
Snowboarder [offscreen]: “You know when I first rolled up on a snowmobile, I was like whoa, it’s huge, it just took my breath away. It’s just a crazy experience, something I’ve never seen before.”
Snowboarder [offscreen]: “It’s like a level in a video game, it’s a different side of skateboarding and snowboarding that we haven’t seen yet.”
More clips of skateboarder and snowboarder skating and skiing down the mountain, one on the ramp, the other on the snow.
Snowboarder [offscreen]: “It looks insane man.”
Snowboarder [offscreen]: “We were bouncing ideas off each other and just being creative.”
Snowboarder [offscreen]: “I’m just very happy to be here and walk away in one piece.”
The words “WATCH SUPERSNAKE (subtitle) Sunday October 16th 2:00 PM EST/ 1:00 PM PST only on ABC Encore digital release Monday, October 17th Youtube.come/Mountaindew” Flash on screen.