We are an independent agency made up of the most experienced staff in teen and young adult marketing.


Our client retention is 3x the industry average. We have been named as a "Best Place to Work" in Vermont for ten consecutive years. Our approach is disciplined, but not rigid. We treat our clients' challenges as unique and develop solutions that are custom, never pre-determined or formulaic.


Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning
Marketing Planning
Consumer Insights
Grassroots Marketing
Campus Marketing

Social Media

Community Management
Content Creation
Social Promotions
Social Advertising
Paid & Earned Media


Sponsorship Activation
Event Experience Design
Mobile Marketing Tours
Promotional Products
Guerilla Marketing
Retail Activation


Campaign Development
Art Direction
Visual Identity
Video Production


Over the last 25 years, we’ve worked with some of the most innovative companies in the world. From start-ups to legacy brands, our clients depend on us to deliver on their business objectives.

Fuse’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Framework

Inclusive and equitable businesses practices are part of Fuse’s DNA. Prioritizing equality is an integral component to our company’s beliefs, and it is directly connected to the work we do for our clients.

Key Pillars to Our Plan

Hiring Practice: We are committed to diversifying our workforce by

  • Recruiting, interviewing & hiring from a diverse pool of candidates for all job openings
  • Offering flexibility for remote work and relocation
  • Working closely with HBCU’s and HSI’s to identify internship candidates

Learning & Training: We are committed to delivering impactful training that increases understanding and manages unconscious bias in the workplace by

  • Establishing a DEI committee to give employees a direct voice
  • Identifying, planning and executing DEI training and educational programs for all staff
  • Ensuring D & I is integrated across client planning and activations
  • Maintaining our zero-tolerance policy for harassment and discrimination in the workplace

Community & Advocacy: We are committed to supporting, funding and raising awareness of D & I in our community by

  • Committing 50% of Fuse’s giving towards DE&I organizations and efforts
  • Establishing new mentoring programs for high school aged Vermonters of color
  • Continuing our commitment to organizations such as Vermont Equal Pay Compact, Chill Foundation and Time to Vote

Community Engagement

We believe that we have a responsibility to be active in our community. Fuse’s community engagement program fosters charitable giving, advocacy, volunteerism and leadership. Our commitment to social responsibility is a reflection of our employees’ values, which makes working at Fuse a more rewarding and fulfilling experience. Fuse is also a member of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.

Fuse organizes an annual Holiday Artist Collaboration with artists that have included Bigfoot, Mikey Welsh, Kenzo Minami and Suiko. The program results in a donation to a non-profit and commemorates the gift by commissioning an artist to make a limited-edition print that is given to clients and colleagues during the holiday season. Non-profits Fuse has partnered with for these efforts have included:

Hands On
Love Your Brain
Boarding for Breast Cancer
Athlete Recovery Fund
Do Something
Drums and Disabilities
The Make-a-Wish Foundation
Stoked Mentoring
Habitat for Humanity
Green Up Day
Strike 3
Burton's Chill Foundation