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Cheetos creates a fan experience at Mexican National Soccer Futbol Fiesta events across the US

With nearly $2 billion in annual US sales, Frito-Lay’s Cheetos are a leader among salty snack brands. Upon developing Cheetos’ latest line extension – Flamin’ Hot! – Frito-Lay wanted to engage consumers and drive product trial.

Fuse developed a mobile tour to get consumers to try Flamin’ Hot! Cheetos while they checked out Los Cheetahs, Chester’s team of insanely talented freestyle soccer players. The mobile event presence included clinics, soccer bowling, and greenscreen photos all in a celebration of fútbol culture.

Fuse brought the experience to life with a family-friendly series of activities that celebrated soccer with fun for all ages. The eight-event series engaged with 60,000 consumers, sampled 40,000 units, and drove foot traffic to 40 Kroger locations.

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cheetos soccer event stage
cheetos soccer players on stage
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