mother and daughter using a phone
Trax, mother and daughter using a phone.

TRAX from PRX partnered with Fuse to launch a one-of-a-kind kids’ podcast network

TRAX from PRX came to Fuse to help them launch a new kids’ podcast network unlike any other. Fuse supported the launch with a multi-pronged marketing plan strategically developed to establish trust with 9 – 13-year-old parents and gatekeepers. The plan included paid digital ads, social media content creation, PR outreach, and influencer kit seeding to journalists and parent bloggers, in addition to custom-built brand partnerships with Mom’s Meet, School Family Media, Teacher Vision, and more. The marketing campaigns were creatively designed to build brand awareness and drive signups for their Back-to-School program, which connected parents with podcast episodes that were perfect for preparing tweens for middle school. The program delivered over 30.7 million media impressions, including national outlets such as Wired Magazine, in addition to serving over 2.2 million digital ad impressions across YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
I love the way that we could express our creativity and incorporate our own touch and lives into the digital activations. It was super fun to stand for something and be known as the 'Back Market Girl' alongside my other BA peers.
Phone screenshot of Back Market marketing
Phone screenshot of Back Market marketing
Phone screenshot of Back Market marketing