Footage of professional athletes exercising plays, cutting quickly between scenes.
Upbeat music plays in the background.
Narrator: “You’re obsessed with results. Highly analytical and hungry for data. Every action you take has a purpose. For you progression is everything. You’re used to tracking what’s going on outside your body, how many miles, reps, seconds… But are you measuring what’s going on inside? Knowing your nutrition, recovery, or hydration status can significantly impact your training plan.”
More footage or runners, weight-lifters, swimmers and cyclists working out and hydrating.
Narrator: “Imagine having the insight to improve your athletic performance from the inside out.”
Narrator: “Imagine removing the barriers to progression.”
Narrator: “Imagine being able to design a workout regiment tailored to your body helping you train faster, stronger, smarter, and healthier.”
Screen shows graphs with dynamic data overlaying scenes of athletes working out.
Narrator: “With BluePrint for Athletes by Quest Diagnostics you can optimize your performance potential by matching our customized test packages to your training and health goals. By evaluating biomarkers that may help you achieve optimal results, shorter recovery time, precise targeted training, and better health. Explore to learn how our diagnostic insights can help you design victory. Blueprint For Athletes powered by Quest Diagnostic.”
Narrator: “Action from insight.”