Ad Age Shares 6 Tips to Increase the Effectiveness of Peer Marketing; Fuse Partner Issa Sawabini Weighs In

Sera Vautier
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The Ad Age Collective Expert Panel, featuring Fuse Partner Issa Sawabini, share their insights on how to increase the effectiveness of peer marketing. While peer marketing can be successful, several companies often look at it as an afterthought.

In this article, six marketing experts from the Ad Age Collective Expert Panel offered their tips for how companies can make peer marketing more effective to benefit from the results. Issa shared tip #4, highlighting how important it is to build flexibility into brand ambassador programs. He continued on, stating that to ensure authenticity, companies should allow ambassadors to use their own voice and adapt marketing tactics to specifically fit their lives.  

6 Tips to Increase Effectiveness of Peer Marketing: 

1. Add a personal touch to all of your interactions.

2. Help peers feel the “must-share” moment.

3. Focus on delivering extraordinary value.

4. Build flexibility into every brand ambassador program.

5. Help your best customers convey their earned status.

6. Focus on specific values your audience relates to.


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